Dr. Javery,

Just a quick note of thanks. You run an outstanding operation and you have done a wonderful job of getting the right people. I was a headhunter for 35 years and believe me, I don’t see this quality of care very often. You have done a great job of screening candidates and I have been seeing you for at least three years. I don’t know of anyone that speaks ill of you or anyone else in your employment. I can’t begin to thank you for your “second-to-none care.” You have done a great job of running your office and never lose that smile, and you are always grateful to your clients. I have never felt more welcom[ed] anywhere. I want you to know I take notice and I appreciate your leadership, and your skill as a pain management physician and as a person. So, “thank you, Dr. Javery” for everything you do for all of us.



I have been going to Javery Pain Clinic for 11 years. A friend recommended me because I couldn’t even stand up straight due to my sciatic nerve. Other doctors suggested to clip the nerve. I’m so very happy & grateful of Dr Javery. I didn’t have to have surgery! I have a degenerative disk disease & a bulging disk. I was getting back shots every 3 months. My pain level was a 10+ when I first went there. The back shots helped more than I could ask for. In less than a year Dr Javery had me standing straight. One day Dr Javery explained to me about a special procedure that would deaden my 2 pain nerves on my right side of back & right leg. Dr Javery said this could last 3 months up to 2 years before I would need a pain shot. So we went ahead & did the procedure in May of 2019. I’m writing this February 2021, no back shots needed!!! Great suggestion Dr Javery. When Dr Javery talks to anyone about this procedure, he talks about his success story, that person is me! I would recommend this procedure to all patients that Dr Javery suggests this to. It has been wonderful not to have a back shot for this long. My pain level on a very bad day is a 4. Most days are a pain level 2. Who would had ever thought 11 years ago, I would be feeling this good. Half of my pain has gone, the sciatica nerve is completely healed! I would like to tell you if Dr Javery discuss a medicine called Buprenorphine, go for it. I was on fentanyl & Vicodin. I said yes I will change to Buprenorphine. It took a couple months but once the other meds were out & the new in, I’m being very truthful, my pain level was brought down to half the pain. I trust whatever Dr Javery suggest to do to help you feel better. Dr Javery and staff care for the patients. I would give Dr Javery 10+, also the staff that work. I would highly with no thought recommend Javery Pain Clinic. Everyone is professional but what makes this Clinic the best, no surgery was ever mentioned!!! Dr Javery you are the top pain specialist in Michigan. Thank you for all you have done for me. To the patients of Dr Javery, if he talks to you about this procedure, do it. What do you have to lose besides no back shots for possibly up to 2 years.


I messed up my back when someone rear-end me in 2013 since then, dr javery tried a new procedure on me where he burned the nerves in my back. Ever since then I was able to return back to my normal activity and lost 70 pounds. He and his clinic saved my life.

Lisa fortin

I have been a patient of Dr Javery for many years. I can’t express how much this man has changed my life. I went from a person that could hardly walk a few steps to a much improved quality of life. If it wasn’t for Dr Javery I do not think I would be alive today. This man has literally saved my life. I have had experience with a bad Doctor many years ago in a different city. I know what that look and feels like and I can tell you this. That is not the case here. I have read all the reviews good and bad. I have my own opinion about the bad reviews that I will keep to myself. If you are in real pain the kind that keeps you up all night the kind of pain that makes you ask yourself how much more of this can one person take. If you are looking for help with that kind of pain. This is the place for you. If you are looking for a Doctor that is caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. This is the place for you. If you are looking for a place that is progressive and professional. This is the place for you. If you are looking for a place where the staff cares about you and your concerns. This is the place for you. If you are looking to deal with your pain in a mature manner then give them a call you will not regret it. Dr Javery and the Javery Pain Institute has changed my life and they can do the same for you.


After my initial injury assessment with Dr. Javery myself and my wife felt real confident in the procedure that was discussed! We returned a week later 3/30/17. The procedure went great and I felt relief immediately! Thank you for making me feel much better! The Dr. and assistants were wonderful! Would go back any time I need pain relief! God Bless!


When I moved to GR my body was a mess I found someone that understood what was going on. I was suffering with migraines for 10 years and now I’m migraine free now going on 3 years thank you for giving me my life back❤️


I have experienced unexplained, long term back pain for 17 years. A long line of doctors prescribed medications, rest, and physical therapy, but my pain did not resolve. After a car accident compounded my pain, I found Dr. Javery. I firmly believe that Dr. Javery has changed my life. He took the time to speak with me, hear my story, and invest his knowledge to find the cause of my pain and identify a treatment plan. My quality of life is demonstrably better since I have been under Dr. Javery’s care. I have been to other pain clinics where I felt like the doctors did not remember me, or even listen to me. Dr. Javery is completely different. He is my best advocate in my journey towards pain management. He is a great listener, a talented physician, and I am grateful to have him to rely on.


Beginning in 2014 I began experiencing pain and tried several different types of treatment. Upon receiving treatment at Javery Pain Institute my quality of life went from a 2 to a 9.


To the Awesome people at Javery,

I have an acute pinched nerve in my spine resulting in a 24 hour decline from an extremely active 62 year old to a near invalid. I made my appointment for a consultation and within two hours, I received a callback moving it up two days. I was so grateful. The consultation was yesterday at 4:30. Very unexpectedly, within minutes I was being prepared for a procedure. Tears of joy for all the people that went the extra mile so late in their work day.

Blessings to You!


Dr. Javery,

I am a 54 year old factory worker; I’m known to walk circles around my 18-25 year old co-workers. Then it happened, I awoke and it took me 20 minutes to get out of bed!

I finally saw my doctor and he gave me two choices, either I have back surgery or I try Javery Pain Institute. I was scared, surgery was definitely out! My quality of life was declining daily. I made the call to Javery Pain Institute 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

The staff really took care of me; they held my hand and explained everything in a way that I could understand.

The best part I saved for last: IT WORKS!!!

After my first visit, I felt immediate relief. My procedure lasts for a full 3 months. Yes, 3 months and I’m on minimal pain medication. (That was important to me.)

To sum up my experience is this:

  1. I felt immediate relief.
  2. I don’t feel “drugged.”
  3. The staff is top notch.
  4. It’s every 3 months, not every week.

We all live busy lives and we want our lives in good health. I found it with the Javery Pain Institute.

Thanks for listening.