The RACZ catheter procedure (Catheter Directed Lysis of Adhesion) is used to release some of the scar tissue from around the entrapped nerve(s) in the epidural space of the spine. In most cases this scar tissue is a byproduct of previous spine surgeries and/or degenerative discs.

You will notice in the “Before” photo that the scar tissue is blocking the flow of medication to the entrapped nerves. The scar tissue is squeezing the nerves causing pain.

In the “After” photo you can see from the contrast flow that the scar tissue has been broken up with the gentle manipulation of the catheter, and the medications, relieving the chronic pressure around those painful nerves.

Individuals who have experienced chronic back pain for more than 3 months and failed traditional treatment methods may be candidates.
If you are experiencing chronic back pain or chronic back pain following surgery please call us: (616) 588-7246

RACZ ProcedureRACZ Procedure

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