Dr. Javery speaks out about the many pain management tools that the Javery Pain Institute has to help the chronic pain patient  “get their life back”, that are being denied and deemed experimental by Evicore, who is a third-party consultant to many insurance companies including Blue Care Network, many Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan policies, & Aetna.  About 50% of our long term chronic pain patients with Cervical, Thoracic or Low back pain that have been managed very well for years on Facet Joint Injections are left in limbo.  These effective injections help minimize, thwart escalation of, or even eliminate the need for opioid prescriptions all together.  During these times where the opioid epidemic is a national crisis, this is the wrong direction insurance companies are taking, when the need for opioid alternatives is required now more than ever. If you are living with pain, Javery Pain Institute wants to help. We are located in Grand Rapids and we can be reached at 616-588-7246.


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