DRG is a non-experimental, minimal invasive treatment, with a very high success rate for chronic pain do to nerve or nerve like pain syndromes.

This technique reports a success rate between 85-95% for patients suffering from chronic pain maladies, such as RSD, CRPS, as well as chronic nerve pain of the lower extremities, and a new and very successful therapy for chronic pelvic pain.

DRG is known to be extremely successful in greatly reducing pain due to nerve or other types of chronic pain problems I the legs and feet.  However, recent breakthrough’s in technology now demonstrate tremendous success in treating patients suffering from chronic pelvic pain.

Whether male or female, Chronic Pelvic Pain causes unrelenting pain anywhere from the growing and lower abs down to the genitalia and everywhere in-between. It is remarkably successful for those patients who suffer from Chronic Pelvic Pain who have failed most other treatments both surgical and non-surgical. The best part about this treatment is that a three-seven-day outpatient test can be done that requires nothing more than a band-aid that will determine immediately if the patients pain will respond and be reduced or possibly eliminated.

If you are living with pain, Javery Pain Institute wants to help. We are located in Grand Rapids and we can be reached at 616-588-7086.


Video Courtesy of Abbott

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