Disc Pain

A herniated disc is one of the primary reasons for chronic pain in your disc. A herniated disc can cause chronic pain when the disc presses against your nerves or against the spinal cord. It can be caused by heavy lifting, sudden motions and aging. Some of the symptoms may include pain in your neck, burning, tingling, numbing sensations, or muscle weakness. Our specialists are dedicated to relieving pain associated with disc herniation through disc pain management.

Degenerative disc disease is another primary reason for chronic pain. Degenerative disc disease is a weakening of one or more vertebral discs. This happens from aging or an injury to the back. Tears in the disc wall occur and cause pain. Those tears heal and aren’t nearly as strong. Overtime scar tissue builds up in the disc wall and weakens after repeated trauma. The disc wall will giveaway and cause improper alignment in your back. Namely your facet joints. Improper alignment can create bone spurs and cause chronic pain in the back.

The inter-vertebral discs are essentially the “cushions” of our spines. They absorb the stress and shock from constant bending, twisting, and turning our bodies do every day. Degenerative disc disease refers to the normal wear and tear that happens as we age and is one of the most common causes of neck and back pain. Commonly, degenerative discs will lead to instability of the spine and inflammation of the surrounding joints. People with degenerative discs can also develop disc bulge and/or acute disc herniation. Not only do these cause pain in the neck or back, but they can also compress and damage nearby nerves, leading to numbness, pain, and when severe, weakness in the arms or legs. Herniated discs and degenerative disc disease can be treated with proper disc pain management. Our specialists provide pain management for disc pain in the Grand Rapids area, with the goal of restoring our patients’ well-being.

Degenerative Disc Disease
Herniated Disc (Cervical) 
Herniated Discs
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