With all of these newly found issues, we at Javery Pain Institute want to offer our patients the latest in pain treatment options.  We have always performed pain reducing procedures in order to help decrease your reliance on narcotic pain medications needed to treat your pain.


There is now a new and very effective medication choice in the treatment of chronic pain.  It is called Buprenorphine.   Buprenorphine has been around for many decades. It has been used in the United States and throughout the world to treat pain. It is relatively newer in our country. However, the United States is now in the grips of a severe narcotic epidemic.  The treatment of chronic pain is our mission at JPI, but we must also treat pain without making this epidemic worse. We at JPI have decided that we will continue to be part of the solution and not the problem!


Buprenorphine itself is still an opiate medication.  It is much stronger than most pain medicines available today – even much stronger than morphine, on a ‘pound per pound’ basis!  This big difference is that it works in the body in a very different way than standard narcotic pain medications. This means it blocks pain very strongly, but it doesn’t block the brains ability to think, or even the ability to breathe! This is how most people die, if they take narcotics. Buprenorphine does not have that kind of effect and allows us to treat your pain in a much safer manner!


It also doesn’t seem to produce the HYPERALGESIA. Every other regular pain pill produced hyperalgesia. Most patients feel much better overall after just a few weeks of buprenorphine therapy as their brains recover from the bad effects of the opiates (including hyperalgesia) on the glial cells inside your brain.


Buprenorphine also doesn’t seem to produce the hormonal or the immunosuppression that ALL other narcotics produce after being on them for many weeks or longer.


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