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To all of our past, current, and future patients of the Javery Pain Institute,

Some of you may have read a recent news story or watched a recent local TV news broadcast about allegations involving a doctor, Christopher Russo, M.D., who previously worked at the Javery Pain Institute.

Dr. Russo has not been a member of our staff since 2016. We want to assure you that these allegations involve only Dr. Russo and his colleagues from a pain clinic in the Detroit area. In particular, all of the allegations against Dr. Russo relate to a time AFTER he left the Javery Pain Institute.

We also want to emphasize that there are NO pending allegations or investigations involving Javery Pain Institute or any of its doctors or other medical providers.

Javery Pain Institute, operated since 2009, and its physicians and other providers take very seriously the health and well-being of their patients and have always provided, and will always continue to provide, the most compassionate, advanced, multidisciplinary pain care possible consistent with all applicable standards and requirements and always with an emphasis on providing an individualized therapeutic plan to reduce pain, suffering and improve function for all of our patients.