I have been going to Dr. Javery since 2008 at MPC for my scoliosis. But in the spring of 2009 was when Dr. Javery saved my life. I ended up getting a deep wound on my right thigh, (Long story) and ended up having surgery on it. The wound wasn’t healing and the pain and burning was spreading to both of my legs. The pain and burning was so severe I could not stand it. Most doctors looked at me like I was crazy and making it up, but Dr. Javery didn’t. He diagnosed me with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and started treatment that day with a Sympathetic Nerve Block. Immediately I go relief, but the pain and burning came back seven days later. Dr. Javery sat down with me and we developed a treatment plan. I received the Sympathetic Nerve Block every other week for a couple of months and now I’m at once every two weeks. Unlike most doctors, Dr. Javery doesn’t push a procedure that you feel uncomfortable with. He will give you the options and suggestions, but he won’t make you do anything you are not comfortable with.  He also takes the time to listen and talk to you. Dr. Javery truly cares about his patients. Because of Dr. Javery, I am now able to focus on my film degree with less RSD flares. Dr. Javery isn’t just my doctor he is also a good friend. Thank you Dr. Javery.

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