I have been going to Javery Pain Clinic for 11 years. A friend recommended me because I couldn’t even stand up straight due to my sciatic nerve. Other doctors suggested to clip the nerve. I’m so very happy & grateful of Dr Javery. I didn’t have to have surgery! I have a degenerative disk disease & a bulging disk. I was getting back shots every 3 months. My pain level was a 10+ when I first went there. The back shots helped more than I could ask for. In less than a year Dr Javery had me standing straight. One day Dr Javery explained to me about a special procedure that would deaden my 2 pain nerves on my right side of back & right leg. Dr Javery said this could last 3 months up to 2 years before I would need a pain shot. So we went ahead & did the procedure in May of 2019. I’m writing this February 2021, no back shots needed!!! Great suggestion Dr Javery. When Dr Javery talks to anyone about this procedure, he talks about his success story, that person is me! I would recommend this procedure to all patients that Dr Javery suggests this to. It has been wonderful not to have a back shot for this long. My pain level on a very bad day is a 4. Most days are a pain level 2. Who would had ever thought 11 years ago, I would be feeling this good. Half of my pain has gone, the sciatica nerve is completely healed! I would like to tell you if Dr Javery discuss a medicine called Buprenorphine, go for it. I was on fentanyl & Vicodin. I said yes I will change to Buprenorphine. It took a couple months but once the other meds were out & the new in, I’m being very truthful, my pain level was brought down to half the pain. I trust whatever Dr Javery suggest to do to help you feel better. Dr Javery and staff care for the patients. I would give Dr Javery 10+, also the staff that work. I would highly with no thought recommend Javery Pain Clinic. Everyone is professional but what makes this Clinic the best, no surgery was ever mentioned!!! Dr Javery you are the top pain specialist in Michigan. Thank you for all you have done for me. To the patients of Dr Javery, if he talks to you about this procedure, do it. What do you have to lose besides no back shots for possibly up to 2 years.

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