I am a 55 year young lady with disabilities, I met Dr. Javery several years ago, and after being told I had destroyed my back from working in a nursing home lifting residents. It was not the employers fault; it was mine from not lifting the correct way that I was taught. Plus, I have deteriorating Arthritis in my spine and that as I get older it will continually get worse. I also have Fibromyalgia and both of my knees need to be replaced.


I went through a couple back and knee surgeries and therapy, along with medications. Then it was brought to my attention to try injections. I was like no way after seeing the pain my brother went through after having them. Then, I was introduced to Dr. Javery and it was like my misery had totally changed.


Dr. Javery is so concerned about us as individuals rather than as a patient and his concern is to keep us in the least amount of pain as possible when He told me he would sedate me so I wouldn’t even know I was getting the injection, it was such a relief to me. I felt I could give it a try I have been going to Dr. Javery every since.


He always makes me feel welcome, comfortable, and works with me on my problems and always finds what will work out for me. He is the best Pain Management doctor I have ever known.  My brother wishes he had an office in AZ. where he lived but I never want to lose him.


And as for his staff, they are the best too! You really feel like you’re just a part of all of them.  It’s a very nice feeling to feel like you can talk to them about anything. By the way it’s been 5 years since I was told I needed knee replacements and because of my injections I am still able to walk with my own knees : ) I truly believe in Dr. Javery.

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