I’ve been going to Dr. Javery for over 5 years now. The whole staff is wonderful!!! They deal with such a hectic schedule, seeing as many as they can every day.


Pain can do cruel things to people and I have seen many take out their frustrations on the staff. The staff always responds calmly, and as reassuring as they can be.


My condition will only get worse, nothing can stop it. These caring people do everything they can to help me lead as normal a life as I can. The treatments I receive help me more than I can say with words.


Their smiling faces, words of encouragement and empathy are rare in the medical field these days. I am grateful I have found this clinic.


To the whole staff; the receptionist, scheduling, billing, nursing, the P.A., techs, and doctors, I sincerely thank you for all your hard work and compassion

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